Feel like a sitting duck for the taxman?

For fifteen years I worked as an Inspector of Taxes for HM Revenue & Customs.

During that time, I investigated hundreds of sole traders and partnerships - small businesses just like yours.

So what does this mean for you?

If you are having problems with HM Revenue & Customs or tax in general, I have vast and specialist inside knowledge of how the Revenue works. I can speed up the process, cut through the red tape and help resolve matters quickly. I have successfully settled investigations on behalf of my clients in less than six months, saving them tens of thousands of pounds in the process – investigations that the Revenue traditionally has taken years to close.

Having been a tax inspector for years, I am well aware of the rules, regulations and guidelines that tax inspectors are required to follow (and often don’t!). These safeguards exist for your protection, and by representing you I can ensure that they are adhered to so that the system works for you.

I specialise in small businesses, offering them a personal, bespoke service. Unlike larger accountancy firms, I handle your case personally so you benefit from my experience throughout the process.

Practical advice on income tax investigations including:

  • Examination of business records/documents
  • Mock interviews
  • Preparation for meetings with HM Revenue & Customs investigators
  • Attendance at these meetings
  • Negotiation of penalties and settlements
  • Advice on HM Revenue & Customs procedure

I also offer:

  • Preparation of accounts
  • Preparation and filing of Tax Returns
  • Mediation and liaising with HM Revenue & Customs
  • Practical bookkeeping advice

I have helped other businesses save time as well as money. Why not find out if I can do the same for you ?

Struggling with Self Assessment
Struggling with Self Assessment
Struggling with Self Assessment? Worried by an unexpected tax bill? Harassed by HM Revenue & Customs? Call today on 
01745 591 889
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